Title: Territoriality

Artist: Anitra Hamilton   Exhibition year: 2011

Territoriality is a digital recording of the sound of a gardener using a lawn mower to cut the grass. "A lot of my work deals with the themes of territoriality, hierarchy and the history of violence. At times the recording (when the lawn mower was moving away from the recording device) sounds like the droning of a bomber in the distance. For the viewing audience it will create a sense of displacement, the sound of the lawn mower out of context in the forest and the false feeling that a bomber is approaching the forest". The Tree Museum site which comprises 400 hundred acres of mixed woodland and lots of rock massive granite boulders, is isolated from the surrounding cottage environment, but is not immune to its encroachment. Hamilton's work... a reminder, of how thin the line is between development and lost, loss of habitat, and the loss of the sound of silence.

Anitra Hamilton (Etobicoke, Canada). Lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Hamilton has maintained a conceptually focused practice since 1990 that often emphasizes the violence military and nationalist celebrations mask. Hamilton has exhibited her work national and internationally.