The Tree Museum is open from June 1st to October 30th,
from 10am to 6pm.
The site is not wheelchair accessible.
To see most of the art, you have to climb up rocks.
There is no traditional Museum Building.
The sculptures are in the woods and on the rocks.
This is a hike in the woods. The path is uneven.
Bring water. There is no washroom; there is an outhouse.
There is no admission charge.

We are also cognisant of our responsibility as conservators of the land where the work is created. Eighty percent of the pathways are temporary and as the work disappears, or is removed, so too is all evidence of its presence. Some of the works are permanent and others are of a transitory nature, with the elements and nature determining their life span. We tread very lightly on the land.
Please respect the land and the work, do no damage and leave no garbage.
There are QR codes on all the works for more information.

As some of the works are permanent and others are of a transitory nature, with the elements and nature determining their life span,
ONLY the following artists have work on the site:
Anne O’Callaghan, Badanna Zack, Deeter Hastenteufel, E.J. Lightman, Ed Pien, Francis Le Bouthillier, J. Lynn Campbell, Jocelyne Belcourt Salem, John Dickson, Nancy Paterson, Noel Harding, Orest Tataryn, Ryszard Litwiniuk, Tim Whiten, Warren Quigley.

A 10-minute drive from Highway 11 along Doe Lake Road/Muskoka Road 6 brings you to a blue roadside sign marking THE TREE MUSEUM’s access point. Park your car in the field as you turn off Doe Lake Road.

You cannot Drive into the site, you have to walk.

The tour is self-directed, with signs and information to help you enjoy the experience. From Doe Lake Road to the first sculpture is about 1 kilometre - it’s another 1.2 kilometres to the centre of the site.

Allow yourself the time to enjoy the walk and discover the art.

What you'll need

Make sure you wear good walking shoes/boots - rubber boots are a good idea in the spring.
This is the woods - come prepared for mosquitos. May-June is black fly season. Bring water.

The best times to visit are late April early May (before the black flies), and July to the end of October (the site is glorious in the fall).

Watch for the blue-and-white signs to guide you to the different art sites. There is no washroom or coffee/gift shop, but there is an outhouse at the centre of the site.

We hope you enjoy your visit.