Title: Meridian (no longer on site)

Artist: Trish Roan   Exhibition year: 2010

MERIDIAN -2012 Everything is in constant motion, and this is what keeps us alive. I wanted to try to illustrate a fleeting moment within that movement, when fragments come together to make something whole as if by chance before disintegrating again. I aminterested in those glimpses of meaning or understanding that we can only grasp for an instant Nothing stays complete for more than a moment, but that's okay. It's enough. The mirrors mounted onto the trees reflect sunlight onto the rock face ahead. At a particular point in the day the pieces of reflected light all intersect within the sheltered space of rock between two young oak trees, forming a full circle. The image occurs each day at solar noon, the moment at which the sun is directly over the local meridian - in other words, the moment when the place on which we stand turns to face the sun. In this way it acts as a sundial, or perhaps more accurately a noon-mark. I think of this point in time as a threshold, a transition moment between approaching and turning away. The marker of the noon is the wholeness of the circle, which breaks up as the sun moves on. The earth turns, and we continue. The ideal time for visiting this work is on sunny days between 12pm and 12:30pm (or 1pm - 1:30pm during Daylight Saving Time). The 'noon' will occur at some point during those times, the actual moment varying throughout the year.

Trish Roan grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and moved to Canberra to study glass at the ANU School of Art, finishing with Honours in 2006. Since then she has been working as a glassblowing assistant for several artists, as well as working in her own studio as part of the artist-run facility ANCA (Australian National Capital Artists). She has exhibited her work in Australia, Europe and Canada Her practice lies somewhere in the margins of crude science and everyday miracles.