Title: View Finder - Breath, View Finder - Gateway (no longer on site)

Artist: Bev Hogg   Exhibition year: 2010

"Coming from Australia and arriving at the Tree Museum for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the greenness, the softness of the earth and the abundance of water. This contrasted dramatically with the desiccated Australian bush so familiar, with its recognisable bird calls and dry crunch underfoot. Seduced by the picture post card beauty and not knowing this landscape created a tension of "mystique" and anxiety. The intrigue of not knowing, set in motion a dialogue through observation. A slow, mediative process of orientation. Gathering knowledge, navigating the forest with trail tape, listening, watching, waiting. Both View Finder - Breath and View Finder - Gateway reflect my contemplative response to this powerful and already full landscape". They collaborate with nature and particularly with the beaver. Gateway brings us to a gathering point both physically and mentally. At this transitional point our gaze is simultaneously drawn forward to the framed waterscape before us and to our meditated future of interdependence with nature. Stepping through this circular opening, we cross the threshold from one space to another. We physically engage with the space and become part of it, dissolving the boundary between viewer and object.

Born in rural West Australia, Bev grew up on a farm with space to breathe and space for creativity. Since graduating from Australian National University School of Art in 1989, she has been working as a visual artist, exhibiting nationally and internationally. Her multi-faceted practice includes exhibiting sculptural ceramic incorporating mixed media, public art, workshops and teaching.