Title: UnTitled (A temporary work, no longer on site)

Artist: David Rokeby   Exhibition year: 2008

To interactive artist David Rokeby surveillance has been a fascination aspect of human-computer interfaces. In previous works Rokeby established surveillance environments that monitored people and their movements, and then projected them in a public space/gallery. Using the same technology, Rokeby will set up a surveillance system that will then be projected onto the site. Who or what will be captured by this surveillance system is the question, human non-human. The outcome a meditation on our relationship to nature and our ability to tolerate any amount of surveillance in the name of safety.

David Rokeby -Born in Tillsonburg, Ontario in 1960. His early work Very Nervous System (1982-1991) is acknowledged as a pioneering work of interactive art, translating physical gestures into real-time interactive sound environments. David Rokeby's installations have been exhibited extensively in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has been an invited speaker at events around the world, and has published two papers that are required reading in the new media arts faculties of many universities. David Rokeby is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery.