Title: History of a Time to Come: Part I - Escape (2008) (no longer on site)

Artist: Walter Willems   Exhibition year: 2008

Walter Willems: Follow the road that leads to a sanctuary of civilized urban living. As one of the founders of New Remote organizing global projects focusing specifically on the issue of communication, Willems confronts Wayfinding head on with History of a Time to Come a work that addresses urbanization and all of its social and political implications. History of a Time to Come is a project in two parts. In part one Willems is employing the language of urban residential and retail developments to announce an upcoming new highway running straight through the property of The Tree Museum. Part two is scheduled to open in September 2009 and shows a full scale provincial highway sign over a swamp (currently occupied by beaver, muskrat, leeches etc) directing the viewer to the 1001 Nights Pkwy, casting doubt on our ecological consciousness and questioning our commodification of nature.

Walter Willems is an independent artist, living and working in both the Netherlands and Toronto. Working in various mediums including photography, video, audio, installation and sculpture, Willems is exhibiting internationally (Austria, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, USA, Venezuela). Co-founder of New Remote, an independent, international art collective with a core group of artists from Canada, the Netherlands and Serbia. Within a dynamic structure New Remote produces collaborative time-based works involving audio, installation, performance and video. The basic structure of the projects revolves around using technology to facilitate creative collaborations across long distances. New Remote organizes spontaneous global projects in such a way that the social and political contexts of each location are inevitable ingredients. Willems has curated various exhibitions mainly in public outdoor settings in Toronto as part of an ongoing interest in exporting Dutch contemporary art internationally. He was a member of the project management team and development of a multi-disciplinary vision for liveARTs, a contemporary art concept focusing on nature and sustainability.