Title: Lodge (no longer on site)

Artist: John Dickson   Exhibition year: 2005

John Dickson, best known for his kinetic sculpture, moves away from his current practice in Lodge, but not far. Taking his cue from nature and using found materials, water- a central element in his previous work (integrating it, working in it, referring to it) is still central to this new work. Located in what might be termed an inner courtyard, a large outcropping of Pre-Cambrian shield, far removed from the water's edge, Dickson has created a whimsical people size beaver lodge - a homage to one of nature's great architects of water structures.

John Dickson currently lives and works in Toronto. He received an MFA from York University in 1989. Past shows also include solo exhibitions at the Koffler Gallery, Mercer Union, Robert Birch and Garnet Press Galleries in Toronto; Plug In Inc. in Winnipeg and Optica in Montreal. He has shown internationally in the Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Paris, France and Buffalo, New York.