Title: "chien de loop" - a performance work

Artist: Wilson Chik Wai Chi   Exhibition year: 2002

My first encounter with Butoh was through Akiko Motofuji of Asbestos Studio.. Physically she carried the stature of a grandmother who spoke in a low husky voice and long black hair tied up in a bun. I met her through a friend by coincidence a few years back. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I first saw her perform and I remember I was completely mesmerized. Her grace, her connection, her breath poured out from every pore of her being. Her life experiences unfolded in a body poem. Her movements told stories upon stories. I was forever touched. After studying with Motofuji-san, I remembered her words she said to me if you can define Butoh in words then Butoh does not exist. This phrase has echoed and haunted my mind and body. For a long time, I have desperately tried to find meaning to that statement. I realized one day I have been searching for a meaning that is based on my own idealized concept of Butoh a mental fabrication. It was not based on any real life experiences. I was deeply saddened and only began to understand the simplicity and complexity of Butoh. It is only through life experiences that can anchor the art of Butoh, give life meaning and allow them to be communicated. To me, this is the heart of Butoh"... 
Wilson Chik Wai Chi

WILSON CHIK WAI CHI is a movement explorer based in Hong Kong. His experience comes from mystical traditions, Butoh, fitness & integrative well-being, dreams and visual arts. His simple approach to life is to balance the act of doing and being. His move-ment work has been in international fringe festivals, cross cultural exchanges and solo & choreographed productions.