Artist: Janice Pomer & Barry Prophet   Exhibition year: 2002

Just in front of the early autumn green and rust hues of towering spruce and fir trees, Prophet and Pomer position themselves on each side of the "stage" as the spectators admire their oddly con-founding collection of exotic, ethnic and invented instruments. The performance begins with Site and Sound a new composition created for the Tree Museum and new arrangements of Sparrow and Awakening, both original works composed by Prophet. Sound from hand-made woodwinds, glass lithophones, whirling vacuum hoses and dragged ven-tilation pipes seem as peculiarly new to the ear as Prophet and Pomer's ever-changing physical interaction with their instruments are to the eyes. When Pomer plays Prophet's Bamboo Quiver sound construction, she intertwines herself and makes the instrument one with her body. Waves of twangy warping metals, lingering cymbals, scratchy giant bean maracas and clicking bamboo head dresses flow out around the audience a naturally ambient musical air which has only just been released into the wind. 
Betty Yee-Wan Cheung, "A SYMPHONIC PASSAGE THROUGH SENSUALITY, INGENUITY AND NATURE" The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum, 2002).

Janice Pomer has been performing and teaching in the fields of dance, theatre and music since 1976. She co-founded and directed the Toronto Festival of Fools (1980) and Jabberwock Full Theatre Co (1981). She and Barry Prophet have performed and toured original shows featuring music and dance since 1983. Janice is the author of Perpetual Motion: Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts1 which was released internationally by Human Kinetics USA in 2001. Barry Prophet is a composer (percussion and electro-acoustic) and sculptor whose work has appeared in galleries and theatres in Canada, United States and Europe since 1979. Barry has led traditional and experimental percussion programs for students and educators across Canada since 1983 and founded the Music Gallery Institute in 2001.