Title: Tidal Pool: Ode to Tom Thomson (2001-2005-No longer on site)

Artist: Lois Andison and Simone Jones   Exhibition year: 2001

Lois Andison and Simone Jones arrived at a collaborative approach to produce Tidal Pool: Ode to Tom Thomson. As both artists usually employ and reference technology, it is not surprising that this work is activated by technological means as it simultaneously gently mocks ineffectual human intervention in the face of nature. The title, of course, specifically roots the work within tragic Canadian lore, referring to the renowned painter Tom Thomson who was killed during one of his regular canoe forays into the wilderness. "...The work itself consists of two low-lying cylindrical units that appear to be floating, they are actually anchored about 20 feet out from a boat dock and the shoreline, which have been meticulously handcrafted with marine ply and highly finished cedar strips; similar materials traditionally are used to build small watercraft. Each cylinder has been mounted with a maple wood cross and post affixed to a motor shaft concealed within the interior of the housing, to which four canoe oars have been attached at the top of each post. When the motors are activated, the paddles slowly rotate, clockwise on one cylinder and counter-clockwise on the other, gently rippling the placid waters.These sculptural objects, for lack of more accurate terminology, are like hybrid creatures that integrate natural and technological elements. Strange and almost humourous as they appear, ironically, they do not at all look alienated from the surrounding environment... 
David Liss, "Artifical Nature," The Tree Museum, (The Tree Museum, 2001)

Lois Andison is a sculptor/installation artist based in Toronto. Her work explores the intersection of technology, nature and the body. Lois Andison is represented by Olga Korper.