Title: The Sound of the Landscape

Artist: Romy Lightman, Yves Jarvis   Exhibition year: 2019

For their upcoming collaboration: Romy and Yves attempt to express their connection to both each other and the land at the tree museum (in which both parties have spent significant amount of time within) through the medium of traditional folk/country music and field recording.

Romy Lightman is a Montreal based singer-song writer, visual artist and poet has been an active participant in the Canadian musical/art scene since 2008. She received two BA's in philosophy at the school of King's college and graduated in textile design and performance art at NSACD in 2009. She is one half of the experimental folk, pop, duo Tasseomancy (now known now as Tasseo). The project, which has evolved significantly over the last ten years focuses primarily on incorporating vast sonic landscape within timeless song craft. The duo has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Japan and are in the midst releasing their sophomore record under Simon Raymond's label (former member of Cocteau Twin) Bella Union. Romy's art practice has been heavily inspired through a Burrough-esque/Jungian psychedelic stream of consciousness along with a spiritual synesthesia-ic perception in which all modality is meant to bend/blend harmoniously into One; for Lightman, no muse or medium is off limit; inspired by the simple slice of daily life fused into the forays of the eternal; comparable to the advantageous alchemist who attempts to ascend base metals (life and human experience) into gold (art, communicable idea). She is also a former member of queer cold-wave band, Austra from 2012-2015; where abrasive electronic music is melded with operatic vocals and queer ideology.

Yves Jarvis (aka Jean-Sebastian Audet) is the solo project of Montreal-based musician, producer, and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet, whose world is a constantly mutating series of musical environments, forging brilliant connections between contemporary r&b, cubist avant-funk, low-key soul, indie pop, and confessional songwriting. Audet has been releasing music since the age of 16 when he began crafting lo-fi digital gems in his parent's basement. Since 2012 Audet has released over 7 albums under his various monikers. The music of Yves Jarvis is conceptualized, written, and recorded completely by Audet himself in apartments and rehearsal spaces around Montreal, with a very simple and limited recording setup. While some artists might find such a minimal gear setup to be a hindrance for Audet it is a key part of his ability to most fully express his ideas. I spend every day waiting for things to say, and saying them right away. His last album, Good Will Come To You was released by Flemish Eye Records on September 22nd 2017 on LP and digital formats - the former featuring newly reworked album art and a bonus download- only album of b-sides and alternate versions. In August of 2017 Yves Jarvis signed a worldwide deal (ex Canada) with the prestigious label ANTI- Records, home to Tom Waits and Neko Case. In March 2019 Jarvis released The Same But By Different Means. The album has received critical acclaim including an 8.0 score on the prestigious music blog Pitchfork. They wrote, 'the new album retains the otherworldly aura and environmental influences of its predecessors, foregrounding the tactility of his instruments as if the sounds were being made right next to you.