Title: Icarian Poetics 2016 In the Gallery - Work no longer on site.

Artist: Deeter Hastenteufel   Exhibition year: 2016

With Icarian Poetics in the Tree Museum House, Hastenteufel's main concern was to generate an "Installation" which is entirely based on the available space the gallery provides and at the same time reflects on the environment of The Tree Museum site. The goal was to use the Gallery like a canvas to create an overall picture. This he has successfully achieved with Icarian Poetics. The work is a fugue-like and some what elusive collage aesthetic, a woven narrative of shifting associations and strange juxtapositions, the constructivist and the surrealist at work. An artist is the product and reflection of society, and the only responsibility she or he has, is the dramatization and realization of his or her concerns, dreams, ideas and inner discoveries of the mental labyrinth, called the mind. DH

Deeter Hastenteufel, (born in Basel/Switzerland) is a multi-disciplinary multimedia artist and Canadian citizen. Throughout his career he has worked with stone, wood, steel, clay, sand, gravel, water, fire, glass, Neon-light, waste material and many other materials. He is a sculptor, painter, video and performance artist! Placing him in art history terms, he is not easily put into a box, although he is definitely a contemporary inventor of new moulds. He oscillates between constructivism and the surreal. Hastenteufel shows National and International, showing annually with the collective Tranart in Germany and Canada.