Title: A Seed, Inside a Grave, Inside a Heart, Inside a Dress,
Inside a Shelter, Inside Water (2012)

Artist: Alicia Marvan   Exhibition year: 2012

Centered around grieving, this multi-layered work taps into Mexican death folklore, particularly the belief that Monarch butterflies embody the deceased. The site's abundant milkweed (Monarch's food) serve as the main graphic element for the garment, constructed with landscaping fabric, milkweed seeds, and water-soluble fabric. The shelter is also constructed with water-soluble fabric, collapsing when hit by a motion-activated sprinkler (echoing life's fragility).
NOTE: Alicia Marvan, is also participating in the Off-Site Performance-Who Are We with performance by Alicia Marvan and Johannes Zits video by Anne O'Callaghan @Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Ontario, Sunday August 19 @ 3pm.

Alicia Marvan is an artist and curator dedicated to contemporary and experimental practices. She has been involved in the creation of over 100 projects that include original performance works and interdisciplinary collaborations merging performance, fashion, sculpture, sound and visuals. Her work has been presented with support by cultural organizations and academic institutions in Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands such as the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Breuninger Foundation, Goethe Institut, Stroom Den Haag, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Tree Museum and Movement Research, among others. Marvan studied dance and performance art and has trained on the field as a visual artist and designer at renowned design and architecture firms. She has taught at the University of the Americas and ITESM in Mexico, San Diego State University in the USA, and directs the Guapamacataro Center in Art and Ecology in Michoacan, Mexico.