Title: Ode, 2012 - Work no longer on site.

Artist: Eve Egoyan   Exhibition year: 2012

Central to my installation is a strung piano harp, (the inside of a piano without the keys or hammers). My intention is to create a piano mobile where the motion of wind and water will activate the strings, gently plucking and brushing the harp. The piano harp will sound on it's own, the energy for turning the mobile will be natural. In my imagination, it is an ode to Orpheus' lyre and his song for Persephone beneath the earth. Piano Mobile will take the heart of the piano, its strings, and have them played by nature and will radiate within the natural sound environment of the Tree Museum, its forest and meadows. People wandering through the landscape will hear an intermingling between the natural sound environment and the piano mobile and my performance on an upright piano. I will improvise between both the standing upright and the exposed strings of the piano harp and a multi track and broadcast by Canadian composer Ann Southam's one-hour long piano solo 'Simple Lines of Enquiry' performed and recorded by me. The mix will be broadcast through the speakers situated throughout the site. This version of 'Simple Lines of Enquiry' will be an hommage to Ann and her love of nature. Nature has always been an inspiration in my artistic practice.

Eve Egoyan is a well know international performing artist working in the field of new music and has collaborated with visual arts on video and performance work, but in a supporting role. The advantage of working at the Tree Museum for Egoyan is that she will have on hand other artists who have an extensive history in creating site-specific works in nature. This is an opportunity for Eve to expand her artistic practice and work in an inter- disciplinary mode.