Title: Hawkeye (A temporary work, no longer on site)

Artist: Millie Chen   Exhibition year: 2012

During the course of one day, I will perch in the treetop of one of the oldest trees on the land of the Tree Museum, at the level of the forest canopy, recording points-of-view not usually available to humans. These views could simply be perceived as landscape, but they also suggest surveillance, whether for sustenance or self-defence, perhaps proprietary, perhaps predatory, at times intimate. The video recording will be on view at the TM house during the 2012 opening, and will afterward enter into the collection of the Tree Museum.

Millie Chen's installations, videos, and interventions are intended as sensorial experiences that prod the perceptual and ideological assumptions of the audience. She has shown her work across North and South America, Asia and Europe. Recent art and design residencies have occurred in Beijing and Berlin, with exhibitions of new work shown in Canada, the U.S., and China. Chen's work is in several public collections and she has produced a number of major permanent public art commissions. Her writing has appeared in publications in the U.K., Canada and the U.S. She is a Professor of Art in the Department of Visual Studies, University at Buffalo, SUNY.