Title: Pollination Station #3

Artist: Sarah Peebles   Exhibition year: 2011

Pollination Wunder Station (Pollination Station #3) is part of an ongoing series. Since 2009 I have investigated, designed and created indoor and outdoor installations which accommodate biodiverse populations of wild solitary bees and wasps while providing immersive ways to safely observe them in all stages of their life cycles. Many species of solitary native bees (and wasps, their evolutionary predecessors) throughout the world nest in vacated beetle bores and other pre-formed cavities, and are critical pollinators - this includes many of Canada's 800+ species of wild bees.
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Sarah Peebles is a Toronto-based American composer, performer, and installation artist. Peebles pursued violin, composition, and theatre studies in her native Minneapolis, MN, and received a Bachelor of Music degree in composition in 1988 from the University of Michigan School of Music at Ann Arbor. Her current music focuses on computer-assisted composition and improvised performance using Max programming with internal sampling software, often together with live and/or prerecorded sound.