Title: Items May Shift, curated by Earl Miller

Artist: E.C Woodley   Exhibition year: 2011

At The Tree Museum site a radio of Canadian make from the 1930's plays vintage archival audio recordings of Grey Owl's speeches on conservation and wilderness protection. The radio, powered by solar powered speakers, is reliant on weather conditions, a conceit that returns or submits technology to nature. Similarly, the lost voice of Grey Owl is returned to the forest or clearing areas of parkland by the technology he enlisted to transmit his ecological message. An enclosure would be built for the radio that mimics the porch of Grey Owl's 1931 cabin at Ajawaan Lake in Prince Albert National Park where he wrote three books including The Empty Cabin (1936).

E.C Woodley is an internationaly renowned sound artist, composer, art critic and curator. in 2010, he created his first visual arts solo exhibition Auguststrasse 25 for the Koffler Gallery Off-Site. A multi-media installation that engaged the interior of one of the city's oldest synagogues, the Kiever. Recreating a living-room typical of a Jewish home from 1920's Germany inside the historic sanctuary, the project initiates a convergence of past and present. This proposed new work for the Tree Museum is a follow through on his interest in using radio sounds to initiate a convergence of past and present. 
A Prospector's Tent is part of E.C Woodley's installation. This tent is on loan from THE CANADIAN OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT COMPANY