Title: Pressure Sensitive

Artist: Francis LeBouthillier   Exhibition year: 2000

Located under a large boulder, an industrial scale has been anchored which registers the weight of this mass on a digital readout. When you touch or stand on the rock the pressure or weight will be added, thus including you in the calculation quantification. This installation titled Pressure Sensitive, references the idiosyncratic preoccupations with the body in an attempt to dialogue with nature. With this new work, Francis LeBouthillier challenges our preconceived notions about gender and beauty, the ideal body, and our relationship to nature. He presents the male perspective and provokes us to examine gender constructions in our culture. If you choose to interact with this work it makes a point of revealing your weight in public (often a very personal thing).

Francis LeBouthillier received a A.O.C.A. (degree in Experimental Arts) in 1986 from Ontario College of Art, Toronto and in 1993 completed his M.F.A. at York University. Since 1986 LeBouthillier's electronic installations have been presented in galleries throughout Canada, and in London England, Denmark, Switzerland and the United States.