Title: A Chirp

Artist: Noel Harding   Exhibition year: 2007

A Chirp was originally installed at Harbourfront in Toronto back in 2006. Filled with seeds and nuts for urbanized birds and squirrels, the piece was intended to be an active agent in this waterfront microenvironment of Toronto, a process that was disrupted by the City courtesy an alteration to the work that denied foraging animals' access to its interior through a small hole in the base of the piece. Relocated out here to The Tree Museum, A Chirps map/territory ratio may have been reimagined and reconfigured, but it is no less meaningful for having been so. Urbanization is, after all, not so very far away; fescue and bluegrass lawns are now an everyday part of Cottage Country as land is planted with non-indigenous flora to suit the tastes and habits of urban escapees. As a container, Harding's work even effects a possible reading as a kind of micro-sanctuary; set off the ground atop a pedestal, the inverted garden shed cradles arguably even isolates and protects a tiny little fragment of the natural world, pointedly reminding us of the truly precarious condition of things, and that human intervention doesn't necessarily have to be to the detriment of the living world" 
Gil McElroy, "New of Difference" The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum)

Noel Harding is an international Canadian artist and urban innovator recognized for his monumental scale public art projects and environmental sculptures. Harding's work has been shown in more than 200 exhibitions, nationally and internationally including exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario where his work is archived in their permanent collections.