Title: The Road Out - a performance work

Artist: Diane Borsato   Exhibition year: 2006

The Road Out is an audio work created as a guided walk specifically for the Tree Museum site. The narrator leads visitors along the dirt road with questionable descriptions of flora and fauna, and invokes tango music to keep away bears. Borsato ...plays off romantic cliches that equate nature with pleasure as suggested by the candy, chocolate and the sounds of people having sex in the woods. Practically speaking, what few truly natural places still exist, if any, are largely uninhabitable by humans. If we went to them, such pleasurable activities as listening to tango music, eating non-essential foods, having outdoor sex and, for that matter, making art, would not likely take priority over the need to survive, to urgently orient ourselves with our surroundings. The notion of nature as playground and site of recreation is, ironically, only possible through our objectification and subjugation of it. With this in mind, Borsato intervenes not upon the physical landscape but plays instead upon our (mis)perceptions: the interstitial slippage between constructed and actual realities. 
David Liss, Responding to Nature The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum 2006)

Diane Borsato has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, nationally and internationally, in both traditional gallery settings and less conventional projects and environments. Borsato works in a diverse range of media including photography, video, sculpture, installation, performance, and public "intervention", as well as producing works that document private actions and activities. In previous pieces she has slept with cake, boiled sentimental objects, danced with strangers, squeezed expensive pastries, taken a mannequin to a military prom, and broken a world record.