Title: A Little Piece of Haven (no longer on site)

Artist: Kelly Mark   Exhibition year: 2006

"Working in media that include photography, performance, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and more, Mark's approach is always straightforward and never predictable. Dry wit, acerbic humour and provocative irony are strategies she often deploys to create work or situations that call attention to many of the habitual behaviours, benign rituals, banal routines and overlooked absurdities that characterize everyday existence. Indeed, her project A Little Piece of Heaven, is a typically contrary gesture that playfully mocks her own and society's estrangement from nature as well as our desire and need for nature at the same time critiquing our attempts to manipulate it."
David Liss, 'Responding to Nature' The Tree Museum (The Tree Museum 2006)

Born: Welland, Ontario 1967. Completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (w/ a Minor in Art History) in 1994 at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (N.S.C.A.D.). Since then she has exhibited widely across Canada, and internationally (including the United States, Australia, & Europe).