Title: Core (no longer on site)

Artist: Simon Frank   Exhibition year: 2004

"Core" Simon Frank's work incorporates elements of both action and performance. During the opening reception for the exhibition he hand-dug a 6-foot deep hole in the ground into which he placed a bronze-cast tree root resembling a heart. Frank then buried the heart and returned the site to the way it was before he performed the action. Invoking the ancient myths and rituals found throughout human cultures, where something is buried in order for it to be reborn into the world, the artist buries the "high" art object so that new ways of seeing our relationship to the land may arise. Core also examines the role that the artist can play in reconfiguring our orientation in the world. For here, the artist does not change anything in the landscape. The shared experience of burying the heart becomes a symbolic act of transformation and a gesture of renewal.

Simon Frank was born in Glasgow in 1968 and grew up in Dundas, Ontario. He obtained his B.A. Honours in English from the University of Guelph in 1991. He lives and works in Hamilton.