Title: Untitled

Artist: Ryszard Litwiniuk   Exhibition year: 2004

Ryszard Litwiniuk's installation at the Tree Museum is assembled from a single tree trunk scavenged from a natural-waste dump. Litwiniuk transforms the discarded trees, giving new life and meaning to the wood by cutting the centre free. this cutting allows the wood to expand outward with renewed growth. "My way of working in wood is to help the wood to be open. I am exploring this material as a natural tissue, and a source of energy. I want to uncover something important that is hidden inside".

Ryszard Litwiniuk was born and educated in Poland. Graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 1992 with masters degree. He is award winning sculptor exhibiting in public and private galleries throughout Ontario, USA, South America and Europe. Tours, symposia, workshops and presentations in different countries. His projects transformed many places and landscapes and they are a part of permanent collections of the Cities, Nature Parks, Sculpture Parks and Galleries.