Title: Shed (no longer on site)

Artist: Reinhard Reitzenstein   Exhibition year: 2001

Shed sets up what initially seems to be a classic confrontation between nature and artifice by using two fundamental and easily recognizable symbols: a house and a tree. The house is an archetypical dwelling, about 12 feet wide, 14 feet long and 10 feet high at its peak, with a frame fashioned from slim poplar logs extracted from the immediate area, and using old barn board for the roof and walls. The entire exterior of this rustic shelter is covered with hundreds of small discs, also cut from poplar logs, an element that is by now somewhat of a trademark for the artist.

Reinhard Reitzenstein's work has consistently taken him into processes exploring ways to interconnect nature, culture, science and technology. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, Venezuela,Taiwan Chile, Denmark, Germany and others.His solo exhibitions include, the Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, (2000, 1998, 1997 1995). He was appointed Head of Sculpture, SUNY Buffalo, in fall 2000.