Title: Them Now Us

Artist: Deeter Hastenteufel   Exhibition year: 2000

"For more than two decades, pyramids, boats and wheels have populated my sculptures and paintings. In my vanguard search to create an enduring work of art, I have come back to them time and time again, these steadfast symbols of timelessness. For this installation at The Tree Museum. Arcs in sod and neon, boats of woven twigs resting high up in a tree, pyramids of cotton, wood and rocks, they satisfy my appetite for a timeless flavour, my appetite for objects that arouse curiosity and stimulate the viewers creative imagination."

Deeter Hastenteufel is a Canadian citizen: born in Basel in 1939. He received a post war education in West Germany after a childhood odyssey throughout Europe. In 1968 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Stuttgart, West Germany. Deeter has exhibited his work extensively since 1967 in Europe and in Canada. His work is included in numerous private, public and corporate collections, such as Hart House, University of Toronto, Burnaby Art Gallery, British Columbia, The Art Gallery of Ontario and McMaster University.