Title: Danse 2

Artist: Tim Whiten   Exhibition year: 1999

The materiality of Tim Whiten''s composite piece is reduced to the essential element of his chosen site: the Pre-Cambrian shield. Danse includes two skeletal figures sand-blasted into the rock. Rendered on the slope of a hill, the first figure is dark and visible from a distance, beckoning us towards the second which lies on higher ground.

Tim Whiten (b. 1941 Inkster, Michigan) is a highly prolific senior-career Canadian artist who has been active in the visual arts community for over 40 years. At present, he divides his time between his home base in Toronto, Canada and his new source of inspiration, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tim is highly respected by his peers and he has been instrumental in influencing generations of aspiring artists, as Professor of Fine Art at York University since 1968.