Title: INTENTS (a temporary work, no longer on site)

Artist: T. S. Anand   Exhibition year: 2003

INTENT I: Standing with Trees From inside protected space-the intention is to be permeated by place. Nets hang from trees along a pathway. Visitors are invited to stand and listen from inside. The net designates a space for concentrated time. Standing with Trees explores the relative nature of time. Dedicated to Richard Pochinko who "stood for days and thought it was hours." INTENT II: Tent Dance On the outskirts of security-the intention is to dance with impermanence. A woman dances by a lake with a tent for a partner. Visitors are invited to watch and listen from outside. The tent is a metaphor for the body and the illusion of permanence. Tent Dance addresses the ever-changing nature of reality. Dedicated to Gertrude Karnow who wanted to "see beyond the veil". INTENT III: Gallery Installation By looking at artifacts-the intention is to hold memory. A farmhouse room becomes an interdimensional gallery space. Visitors are invited to experience the artwork for the duration of the exhibition. Gallery Installation serves to house the relics and documentation of INTENTS. Dedicated to Eruch Jessawala who (when I felt homeless) reminded me that "the sky is the roof, the earth is the floor" 
T. S. Anand 2003

Born in Toronto, T. S. Anand immigrated to California where she received her BA in Sculpture from the University of California in Santa Cruz and her MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University. Anand is interested in cross media constructions with video projection, often in conjunction with durational performative actions.